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All-Star season is just around the corner, and we're looking for the best of the best to represent our league!

For those of you who have never participated, All Stars is a fantastic opportunity for players to:
  • Challenge themselves: Play against top competition + elevate their skills.
  • Build teamwork: Bond with a dedicated group of players and coaches
  • Shine on the field: Showcase their talents and experience the thrill of All-Stars!
During the All Star softball season, a small group of players will be selected by coaches to compete at a higher level series of tournaments in a 6-8 week window between May through July. While most tournaments will be in San Diego county, at least one will be a travel tournament. All Stars is a great time for girls who love softball, have demonstrated skill and work ethic, and want to strengthen their skills through increased competition. Not to mention, it’s fun for the whole family!

All Star Key Dates

  • March 31st - Deadline for Players to Declare to Play All-Stars for The Ranch if you are playing in two recreational leagues
  • March 31st - Deadline for Travel Players to Declare to Play All-Stars forThe Ranch
  • April 28th - All-Star Registration for Players Ends  
  • May 2nd - All-Star Teams Will Be Announced
  • Week of May 5th - Practice Starts

2024 All-Star Player Selection Process

Due to USA Softball rules and regulations, All-Star teams may not practice until May 5, 2024.

The Ranch Girls Softball League shall choose Players for the All-Star season based upon the following criteria:


  • All players wishing to try out for an All-Star team must register below.
  • Eligible players must have participated in at least 75% of the team's recreational season games and practices.
  • Per USA Softball rules and regulations, a player participating in more than one USA Softball recreation league must declare by March 31, 2024 which league they wish to be eligible for All-Star selection. Please communicate directly to [email protected] the name of the player and the league they wish to be eligible.
  • Per USA Softball rules & regulations, any player participating on a non-USA softball team other than their recreation team (i.e. All-Star or Travel) after March 31, 2024 is NOT eligible to play All-Stars. Players must cease playing outside of their recreation team by March 31, 2024 in order to be eligible for All-Stars. Please communicate directly to [email protected] the name of the player and the division they wish to be eligible.
  • All players must submit the All-Star Application form.

Selection Process

  • See the The Ranch Girls Softball Official Rules and Regulations
  • NO assessments will be held for All-Stars.  Players will be selected based on performance during their rec season.  All-Star Managers will be selecting players for their team with oversight from the Board of Directors.
  • Players will be selected by, but not limited to: athletic ability, commitment, leadership, citizenship and sportsmanship as demonstrated throughout the Recreation Season. Selection will be determined based on all available information in forming teams, including but not limited to: player age, experience, skills, positions played, strength and balance of All-Star teams (if more than one team will be fielded in a division), behavior of the player. 

We look forward to another exciting All-Star season. Please contact me with any questions.

Sarah Grabinger
Elite Teams Director, The Ranch Girls Softball League

Peter Slover
President, The Ranch Girls Softball League

2024 All-Star Commitment Letter

Dear All-Star Player Candidates and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in the The Ranch Girls Softball League All-Star program. The Recreational Season is about individual instruction, learning the rules of the game, opportunities for every girl to play multiple positions, and having fun. The All-Star season is about team competition, developing advanced skills, instilling a winning attitude, and having fun. Since there is a significant difference between the Recreation and All-Star experience, it is important to establish expectations for the All-Star season.

Players shall abide by the following rules:

  • Attend all practices and games on time.
  • Accept whatever role/position/contribution the Manager designates for you.
  • Be willing to play positions that are unfamiliar to you.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and support your teammates.
  • The team is more important than the player.
Parents shall abide by the following rules:

  • Support the coaches and players.
  • Consider the team’s success as a success for your daughter and a rewarding experience.
  • Do not approach coaches during warm-ups, games, or practices to discuss playing time, positions, batting order, etc. Concerns must be addressed off the field at a mutually agreed time. Failure to adhere may result in suspension.
  • Parents and players may be asked to participate in fundraising efforts.
  • The All-Star season is a demanding schedule. You should expect to practice multiple times per week and play in 7-9 weekend tournaments (Friday - Sunday). The likelihood for most tournaments is multiple games on Saturdays and Sundays.

If your daughter is selected to a team, she will be notified by email on May 2. Should your daughter not be selected, please let her know how tough the competition was and that she did a great job.

Our All-Star selection process is outlined in our Official Rules and Regulations.

If your daughter is selected to a team, here are a few things to remember:

Financial Commitment

  • The base financial commitment is typically $400 - $600 per player.
  • This cost covers a high-quality uniforms, all tournament fees, and USA Softball participant player card. 100% of this money is spent on All-Star purchases (there is no residual profit to the league).
  • There may be additional travel cost in the event you chose to stay in a hotel.
  • Teams that advance to the state and/or national tournaments will incur additional fees and travel expenses.
Time Commitment

  • Tournament dates are listed in the All-Star Application form. Teams that advance to state and/or national tournaments are expected to play until mid-July.
  • Tournaments generally start on Fridays and end on Sundays; however you should be available to play on Thursdays and Mondays (including holidays).
  • Team managers will determine the practice days. Most teams will conduct 3-4 two-hour practices per week, plus additional time for pitchers. All-Star practices will commence on the week of May 5, 2024.
Team Commitment

  • Playing time, positioning, and batting order are NOT guaranteed and may not be equal. There is a possibility that some players may not play in an entire game, as this is a competitive All-Star environment.

Finally, The Ranch Softball would like to remind our parents and players that participation in the All-Star program is a privilege that requires a new level of commitment. All players are exposed to a high level of competition, and this is a great opportunity for your daughter.

Sarah Grabinger
Elite Teams Director, The Ranch Girls Softball League

Peter Slover
President, The Ranch Girls Softball League

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for all stars?

Complete registration for the All-Star program on our website - register below.

When are applications due?

Must be submitted by 4/14.

How and when will teams be announced?

Teams will be announced on May 2nd. Players will receive a surprise yard sign the morning after teams are selected and families will receive a welcome email from their coach (should they make a team), and team rosters will be posted on the website.

What are the qualities of an All Star?

An All-Star is a player who exhibits exemplary qualities throughout the recreational softball season. She has a high skill level, outstanding ability and knows the game of softball for her age group. An All-Star is respectful of her coaches and teammates, sets the standard for good sportsmanship and leads by example. She understands the importance of accepting the role that the coach gives her while maintaining a positive attitude.  All-Stars represent our league with pride and dignity.

Can any player become an all star?

Any player meeting eligibility requirements may apply to become an All-Star.  USA softball holds strict eligibility requirements including, but not limited to the following (excerpts from 2024 USA Softball Yellow Book):

2.2.3 A team shall not have more than four (4) players who played with a travel team after January 1 of the current season. NOTE: This applies to All-Star Teams only and is limited to four (4) travel ball players per division within the league. This team shall be classified "B"

2.3.1 A player must play a minimum 75 percent of the current season’s league games. NOTE: A player may appeal the 75 percent minimum rule to their respective District Commissioner in cases of documented injury.
2.3.2 A player who played in a higher Age Classification during the current season is eligible to play in their proper Age Classification in Championship Play.

2.3.3 A player who played on a High School team or other recreation league team after March 31 of the current season is eligible to play if all other eligibility rules are met.

2.3.4 A player playing in more than one USA Softball recreation league must declare in writing by 31 March to both the League Player Agent and the All-Star Administrator in which league they wish to be eligible for All-Star selection. The league is required to provide a copy of the player’s declaration to their respective District Commissioner.

2.3.5 A player who participated on a team other than a team in their recreation league after March 31st of the current season is NOT eligible. For example, a player shall not participate on any non-USA Softball team, All-Star Team, or travel type team after March 31st.

Are there fees involved in playing all stars?

Each team's families financial responsibility will be for all tournament fees, field permits and uniforms. Fees will be determined prior to the announcements on May 2nd.  Teams can seek out sponsors to cover fees.

Total costs approximately= $400-600

Are there all star uniforms?

Yes!! Each team will receive all star uniforms. Uniform costs will be factored into calculating all star dues.

What kind of commitment is involved?

Teams practice significantly more than regular season teams. There will be just a little over one week of practices before the first tournament. Coaches will be able to set their practice schedule for that first week and at their discretion and then once tournaments begin you can expect  2 - 3 practices per week. Once tournaments start, games could begin as early as Thursday evenings and extend to Sunday, depending on whether the team advances to semifinals and finals. Often you won't know the tournament weekend game schedule very far in advance, you will receive a  list of all the tournaments for the season and a set weekly practice schedule days and times.

What are the tournaments like?

Tournaments could be anywhere in San Diego County, with 1  travel tournament. If you are on a team who advances to the state championships, plan to attend and travel to Lancaster, California in late June or early July. Most tournaments have a three-game guarantee, meaning your team will play at least that number of games over the weekend, but possibly more. In a typical tournament with a three-game guarantee, your team will get the schedule a few days prior for two "pool" games on Saturday. Your team's record in these games will determine the seeding and schedule for bracket play on Sunday. If your team loses its first bracket game, it would be eliminated. But if your team keeps winning on Sunday, you could keep playing all day. 

Is there guaranteed playing time during All-Stars?

Due to the competitive nature of All-Stars, there is no guaranteed playing time.  Managers and coaches will be allowed to decide how games are played according to player behavior/attitude, participation in practice, competency/performance, and level of competition.  In addition, there may be times during Bracket play (Elimination play) when a limited number of players will field/bat during a game, according to tournament rules and restrictions.

Tournament Schedule

Gold Teams

TournamentLocation  Dates
Coastal ClassicNorth Shore May 10-12
SMGS SummerTime Warm-up San Marcos May 17-19
Memorial Day Tournament - Softball by the Sea San Dieguito May 24-27
Carlsbad Seabreeze TournamentCarlsbad May 31- June 2
Fountain Valley All-Star Summer ClassicsFountain Valley June 7-9
 B District TournamentTBD June 21-23 
 B State TournamentLancaster July 4-7

Silver Teams

TournamentLocation  Dates
Coastal ClassicNorth Shore May 10-12
SMGS SummerTime Warm-up San Marcos May 17-19
Memorial Day Tournament - Softball by the Sea San Dieguito May 24-27
Carlsbad Seabreeze TournamentCarlsbad May 31 - June 2
Fountain Valley All-Star Summer ClassicsFountain Valley June 7-9
 C District TournamentTBD June 14-16
 C State TournamentLancaster June 27-30

Fountain Valley Tournament Hotel Block

Hotel Information:

Costa Mesa Marriott
500 Anton Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Room block information coming soon!

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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